07 Apr 2011, 0:48

Photo by Vladimir Telegin

Oleg Vorotnikov (Voina):

This was not a Voina action. Our actions are prepared and conducted in a different fashion, and people don’t get arrested during them. In this case there was a civil initiative of Voina activists. We brought the bottles only as a self-defence measure, and we’d agreed not to use them unless we were attacked. And indeed it turned out that we were attacked — yet we did not resist up until the point when the police attacked Kasper. When that happened, the anarchists decided they’d had enough and so we had to use our modest weapon, sort of a biological weapon — our own urine.

Since the sale of firearms is prohibited in Russia, we have to make do with what’s available.

This was done purely as self-defence, as is obvious from video footage and photos of the incident. So those people who are now bawling about how we were, allegedly, running up to the police and sprinkling them with urine for no reason, had better start to realize that that’s not how it happened. There’s no doubt about the fact that we’ve offended the police, but they only have themselves to blame.

Of course, attacking the police wasn’t one of our objectives. Our objective was entirely different: it was to march along the Nevsky Avenue. But we’d realized that the police might not like it.

I watched the cops become especially furious when they realized that among the people who blocked the Nevsky Avenue there was a baby boy. This was the reason why they attacked us with such aggression. We demonstrated that even babies weren’t afraid of them. That’s what made them hysterical. Indeed, the police acted hysterically, without considering the consequences.

On the other hand, the was a certain prudence about the way the police superiours commanded their subordinates. Note that baby Kasper and myself weren’t assaulted until after the minivan in which Kozlenok, Leonid and our comrades were being held had driven off. As soon as it had left, a direct order was given to arrest me, there was a finger pointed at me. The following words can be heard in the video: “Detain the baby. Detain him” (me, that is). The order was given by Lt. Col. V. A. Zasypkin, head of the 78th police station.

So on the one hand we have this sort of cold logic, so common in police abuse of the people, while on the other hand we have sort of a senseless hysteria, I don’t know… It’s hard for me to even describe it.

I’m used to confrontations with the police by now: we were assaulted and beaten on March 3rd, we’d also had many encounters in the past, I’ve even been in prison. But such absurd cruelty, such ungrounded, abstract, cosmic cruelty was something even I did not expect to encounter that day.

April 5th, 2011

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