18 Oct 2011, 21:25

Leonid Nikolaev:

"The only people left floating on the surface are those who aren’t wanted anywhere else."

Leonid Nikolaev

I strongly disagree with the claim that protest activity is in decline, inasmuch as I know the situation from the inside. Anyone who is active at this time could tell you that there is no decline. I don’t keep up with how it looks on the outside, but underground, it’s not calm at all. On the contrary, a huge, multifaceted clandestine evolution is underway. People have had their share of running around with banners and flares and throwing leaflets, and they have learned from the experience. Now they need something bigger. It’s clear that they need something much bigger. A multitude of brigades, gangs and militant squads are being formed in the underground at this very moment. Serious preparations and training are going on, none of which is evident on the surface, and shouldn’t in fact be evident. The lucky ones are those who are already underground, participating, watching sharply and analyzing. If such a person has what it takes, then he or she will give rise to a powerful story when the time of great stories comes. Most of this superficial monkey business that we are witnessing today, like the stillborn and openly collaborationist “Anti-Seliger”, has no relation to the actual protest processes. The only ones left floating on the surface are those who aren’t wanted anywhere else. All the activists have gone deep under the surface. Perhaps this is what’s giving you an impression of peace and calm, but the impression is false.

I do not know when these groups will surface; when they will decide that it is time to act. The question is in whether those widely diverse groups will be able to unite in this future army or whether they will remain separate and perish when the pigs slaughter them one by one. Bitter Russian experience tells us that it is difficult for ambitious outcasts to unite. For all these years it just seemed like everyone in the opposition was only looking for a reason to scrap with everyone else. Literally anything could be used as a pretext, even the most absurd of issues, like the age of consent. A comrade refuses to shake a comrade’s hand, because one thinks that you should be able to legally fuck at 14 whereas the other thinks that 12 is old enough. The opposition bore the weight of its disgraceful and exhausting mudslinging and bears it further, not having got rid of it to this day.

I am convinced that the opposition is avoiding any unified effort because of a subconscious instinct of self-preservation. Mudslinging is its defensive reaction. Unconsciously, the opposition feels that if and once they unite, they will be able to go face to face with the enemy, against the authorities - at least with some kind of power. And then, having descried this force at the bottom, the authorities would lash out and crush it. They would physically destroy it outright, as has happened before. The authorities have turned on their shredder more than once; we remember the heroic and tragic story of the Nazbol, whose force was crushed under the weight of hysterical repression and underhanded murder. And the opposition remembers this also, it is scared and shivers to think about it. Consciously or not fully consciously, the opposition’s fear is what destroys and prevents its unification in reality.

What’s more, it has to regroup, realize and master its fear; it has to find in itself the courage to unite. This age-old question is again facing the underground groups born today.

Source: http://www.openspace.ru/society/russia/details/30517/

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