December, 7th
The photo exhibition supporting art-group Voina will be opening at 19.00 on December, 7th 2010 in the premises of Falanster shop at Vinzavod Gallery in Moscow. Portraits of artists and photo-documentation of some of their action will be exhibited. All the photos were made in 2010 and are exhibited for the first time. The seminar “Art beyond limits” will take place in auditorium 321 of Smolniy Institute of free arts and sciences at 20.00 on December, 9th. The seminar is an attempt to look at the situation of art-group Voina, on one hand, in the light of current tendencies in contemporary art, and on the other hand to envisage it in the context of political science and human rights. The seminar is coordinated by Maria Godovannaya, Dmitriy Dubrovskiy and Stanislav Savitskiy.

December, 6th
Today Oleg Vorotnikov was moved to another ward, with five more people in it.

December, 5th
Stamps with Liteyniy Fallos:

December, 3rd
Today for the first time a visitation was allowed to a relative. Oleg met his mother. During the meeting they were separated by the glass and the bar and talked on the phone. The conversation was  monitored. Oleg is in good humor, he laughed a lot during the visitation. He asked to bring Casper, he’s sorry he cannot see his son changing, and misses his wife. Children are not allowed to see their parents unless they have a passport (not till the age of 14) Oleg looks good, he’s active and full of energy, he was talking for most part of the hour. He said that his mother can be now compared to Akhmatova, talked about Limonov, said that so far everything is interesting and he’s got lots of new experience. He didn’t complain about conditions of detention. The guards do not abuse him physically, although they are quite rude. He’s not deranged nor by living conditions neither by prison cuisine, and given the parcels he’s got enough of everything. He still has bruises left by handcuffs. They wanted to cut his hair, but he refused it. The only thing he really misses are the books, because in the library “there’s only literature for kids and teenagers”. Now he has a pen and a notebook. One more thing about the parcels: Oleg asked for more still water, not in 5l bottles, but in 1,5l ones. People from military enlistment office came to Leonid’s domicile. He is looked for to be called up for service.

December, 2nd
Oleg’s mother was questioned on december, 2nd. That day the investigator didn’t allow the visitation,   and explained it by the absence of his superior at the workplace. The questioning took an hour and a half. Oleg’s father stayed outside in spite of very cold weather — they didn’t let him in because he had bags. Oleg’s mother was questioned in the absence of a lawyer, and put under pressure. She wasn’t sure that the protocol she signed was accurate, but investigator Borodavkin blackmailed her. “Do you know, he said, that if you do not sign it, I will not allow a visitation?”. Some of the questions were inconsistent.

Investigator: Do you think your son could be an activist of art-group Voina?
Oleg’s mother: It’s not my charge to build up this kind of assumptions, whether he was or wasn’t.
Investigator wrote down: opinion is ambiguous

December, 3rd
Today for the first time a visitation was allowed to a relative. Oleg met his mother. People from military enlistment office came to Leonid’s domicile. He is looked for to be called up for service.

December, 1st.
Investigator Borodavkin doesn’t let Oleg Vorotniov’s mother to visit her son, “until he interrogates her about Oleg’s personality”. It’sillegal.

November, 30th
Today the lawyer visited Oleg Vorotnikov. According to him, “Oleg looks fine”. Oleg also was involved in investigatory measures aiming to establish facial resemblance. They’ve shown him video of some of the actions. One of interrogations concerned this video
Leonid Niolaev doesn’t complain about anything, claims that “food is fine”, looks good, there are no signes of abuse or torture. Activists in Saint-Petersburg have passed another parcel for Oleg and Leonid. It containes warm clothes and some food.

November, 29th.
Several days ago the investigators phoned the lawyer and tried to find out who signed the contract for defending Oleg and Leonid. It’s illegal.

November, 28th.
Lawyers claim that the investigators do not possess any proof of Leonid’s and Oleg’s participation in the action in question. A complaint will be lodged to public prosecution about the actions of contre-extremism department members during the arrest of Oleg Vorotnikov and Leonid Nikolaev.
During the medical exam in the detention facility in Saint-Petersburg Oleg Vorotnikov was found to have bruises and haematoma in the kidney area.

November, 27th
According to the human rights commission that visited Oleg Vorotnikov and Leonid Nikolaev on November, 25th, activists have no complaints about the conditions of detention.
Oleg have lost a tooth, and there is no dentist in the detention facility. The lawyer will lodge an appeal for him to receive dental care.

November, 25th
Investigator Borodavkin and chief of department Tkatchenko confirmed that they intend also to bring charges against Kozlionok, and that she was not arrested on November, 15th only because of the child. Borodavkin and Tkatchenko spoke very rudely to the lawyers and refused to explain why the policemen and FSB counter-extremism department representatives violated the procedure during the detainment. As was mentioned before, during the house search all the papers of Kozlionok were confiscated, including her passport. Up until now, the papers were not returned to her.

November, 24th
Today Oleg and Leonid were accused of commiting the crime against article 213-b part 1. They were questionned about whether the group exists, and on their participation in the action. Oleg is still wearing torn pants. His pants were ruined while their transfer from
Moscow to saint-Petersburg, during “Unprotocoled investigatory actions”
Leonid for the first time met his lawyer. He asked him to pass this: “Everyone who will be involved in the investigation process will have to endure psychological pressure. Including the threats to physically abuse those who are in detention”
At the moment, human rights commission arrived to the detention  facility.
According to the lawyer, Anti-extremism Centre in Saint-Petersburg still intends to arrest activist Kozlionok. It will be possible if she is deprived of parental rights and her 1,5 years son Casper is taken from her.
Let us all learn by heart the only right answer to all the questions: I think that by answering that question I could harm myself, so I refuse to answer, according to article 51 of Constitution.

November, 23. Afternoon
The lawyers study the cases. Their first move was to lodge appeals on pre-trial restriction in form of detention for both accused. The lawyers claim that the suspects didn’t plea guilty.

November, 23rd
The contracts with the lawyers are signed. Leonid Nikolaev is defended by the member of International Bar Association “Saint-Petersburg” Oleg Bykov. Oleg Vorotnikov is defended by the member of International Bar Association “Saint-Petersburg” Anastasia Ekimovskaya. They both work with the well-known lawyer, human rights defender Joseph Gabunia.
November, 22nd
For the first time, news from Oleg were received. He is held in a solitary cell, refused to testify. He has some scratches. He also had some bruises but they went away.

November, 22nd, evening
The lawyers that will defend Oleg and Leonid are established.

November, 21st
Attorneys were not allowed to visit the prisoners. We have no information on their sutuation whatsoever

November, 20th
The appointed defence attorneys refuse to pass information both on the prisoner’s situation and on planned investigatory measures. They claim that the prisoners are held in a three-day quarantine.

November 19th, evening
Leonid’s appointed defence attorney Sergey Aleksandrovitch claims that the parcel was not received by prisoners.

November 19th, afternoon
The first parcel is sent. It turns out, Oleg and Leonid aren’t in Lebedeva st., so the parcel is brought to Zakharievskaya. There the cops say that the guys are there, and take the parcel. It contains cheese, sausage, sweets, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, sweatsuits, razors, writing supplies, underwear and socks (2 pairs each).

November, 18th, afternoon.
Oleg refuses to accept the state-appointed defence attorney. The lawyer appointed for his defence refuses to pass information from and to him, says that the prisoners were transfered to Temporary Detention Facility #6, 47/7, Lebedeva st.

November, 18th
Oleg was brought to the photographer and refused to be photographed in the presence of the state-appointed attorney

November, 17th. Morning
State lawyers are assigned for Oleg’s and Leonid’s defence. The court on pre-trial restriction appoints custody till indictment. If the prosecution does not bring in an indictment up to November 25th, they should be set free. Otherwise, if the charges are filed up to that date, the custody is prolonged for 2 months. In case if any new accused will appear in this case, the pre-trial detention can be prolonged for up to 6 months.

November, 16th
Leonid and Oleg are moved to Saint-Petersburg and held in temporary detention at 6, Zakharievskaya st.

November, 15th
After a telephone check of all Moscow police stations, Leonid and Oleg weren’t
found in any of them.

November, 15th, 7a.m.

House search on the flat where Oleg, Leonid and Kozlionok are staying, Oleg  and Leonid are arrested.